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New database (crius-1.0-100038) is online. The production and sience pages will need a larger overwork.
Sorry and thx for your patient =)
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Production Profit

I have finaly set online the first version of the production income calculator. Its bit slow atm. so I will do some changes. But plz check if the calcualtions are right.

DB update

Update database to version rubicon-1.2-94438

Change in price calculation

Till now I used the median (all) from eve-central.com. But it seems not always beeing the perfect value in use. So I changed for the moment to the percentile (sell) from eve-central.com.
Btw. plz help them and use, for correct pricing, their market tool.

New DB and new server

Finaly a DB update and the new server is running. If you check perfect ME calculation, you will see it much faster now =)

New Server

I changed the server. I hope I didn't make any mistakes, but if the site is down..and you can't read this Oo...i did something wrong ^^

New database

I finally found the time to update the database to rubicon-1.0-93082. And also to all of you out there....merry xmas =)

Ore Table update

Thanks to Wertek, Mercoxit is now part of the Ore (All) income calculation table.

Update to odyssey 1.0

The database has now been updated to odyssey-1.0-89097. I am working on rebuilding the damaged pages. THX for your patience.

Reaction Online

In our reaction section you can now find ROI calculations for all possible reactions in eve online.

Mining Calculator Online

The mining income calculator is online. You can check which Ore, Ice or Gas worth the most with your current harvesting skills.

New layout

Our new Layout is now online. I hope you like it.